Order Components

  1. Add the components to the shopping cart by filling in the field below and pressing 'add to cart'. The 'part No' is the farnell ordercode or the RS-stocknr.
  2. When all components have been added to the shopping cart, press 'next'
  3. Fill in you personal details and press 'Order'
  4. An alert notifies you of a succesfull order
  5. Confirm your order by clicking on the link send to the provided email adress. Your order will not be completed without this step!
  6. Pay for you order at the ETV desk, there you will be told when the components can be picked up as well.

please select the store you'd like to order the component from

Part number as can be found on the respecitve store's website. In case of Farnell this is the Ordercode, in case of RS this is the RS-stocknr. Please leave out any dashes or spaces

(Optional) A max 100 character description of the component to help identify it quickly

The quantity of the components you'd like to order. Please enter a multiple of the minimum order amount as found on the store's site.

Enter the products you'd like to add to your shopping cart in the following format:
Store, part number, quantity, description
The current options for stores are 'rs' or 'farnell'. If an item is already present in your cart, the quantity will be increased.
If a line contains too few arguments, it will be skipped.