Klushok committee

Who is the current klushok committee you might wonder? Who are the heroes that manages the current inventory and repairs of broken tools? Look no further because here we are:

committee membersFrom left to right: Werner van Dijk, Bram den Ouden and Tom Salden

  • Bram den Ouden is the president of the klushok committee. He is responsible for chairing the meetings but also manages the inventory of components and has designed this website.
  • Werner van Dijk is the secretary of the committee. During meetings we fully depend on him to create the minutes. Apart from this he also came up with and organises the Schrodingers box.
  • Tom Salden is the treasurer of the committee. Without him we would have no idea how much components or devices we are able to buy. He also spend a year as electrical engineer at Nuna solar team and thus adds a lot of experience to the team.