Welcome to the Klushok site!

Besides the theoretical knowledge, an electrical engineer benefits from having practical skills in the world of electricity. The Klushok gives hobbyists the possibility to extend their practical knowledge. Next to this, buying your own equipment and materials can be expensive. Because of this, a group of enthusiastic ETV members have founded ‘Het Klushok’. This DIY room, located next to the board room of the ETV, offers the space and equipment to tinker in your free time.  After more than a decade this room has evolved to a worthy electronics workshop.

If you want to know more or want to use the DIY room you can go to the ETV board and they will provide you access in exchange of your college card.

Have fun tinkering!



Before you leave the Klushok, make sure you have checked the points below.

1. Turn off all appliances (some have a stand-by mode, double check if these are really switched off!):

2. Clean up all used equipment. 

3. Clean up your mugs, paper cups, used paper etc.

4. Sweep the floor if necessary. 

5. Tidy up your own project, write your name on a box and store your project in the box in the cupboard.

6. Have you payed for all your components?

7. Have you logged out of your PC?

8. Turn the lights and airco off.



If you have questions, tips or want to contribute to ‘het Klushok’ you can contact the committee at: klushok-etv@tudelft.nl.